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Grease Monkey - Seattle #984

2501 NE 55th Street,  Seattle,  WA 98105
(206) 557-7479


Here are what some of our customers have said about our service.

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1/20/2019 4:16 PM ETZ
" Thank you from Montana for taking care of the family in need with a child in your children's hospital.  It's so nice to hear about the wonderful people who live in this country.  Your thoughtfulness and kindness is much appreciated, and I hope the people living in Seattle know what a terrific establishment you have! "

Becki Sell
Seattle WA
7/21/2016 1:49 PM ETZ
" My son and I brought his car in for an oil change and a tire rotation this morning. They did a fabulous job and even told us that a tire rotation wasn't necessary at this time. Really appreciate the honesty and everyone was so friendly. Will definitely be back. "

Seattle, WA
1/9/2015 1:49 PM ETZ
" Thank you for your great service today. I have been raving about the amazing customer service to everyone who will listen, and I will definitely be back for my next oil change. Thanks again. "


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